Uses of the Word: F^^K

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Gw punya rekaman suara yang gw ngga tau entah siapa, tapi lucu banget! Judulnya “Uses of the Word: Fuck”. No offense, tap ini emang bener-bener menggelikan.. Gw coba nyalin dari rekaman itu, and here it is.. (Sori kalo ada yang salah..)


Fuck, as most words in English language, is derived from Germany, from the word ‘Flicken’, which means ‘to strike’.

In English, fuck falls into many categories:

  • As a transitive-verb, for instance: “John fucks surely.”

  • As an intransitive verb: “Surely fucks.”

Its meaning is not always sexual, it can be used:

  • As an adjective such as: “John’s doing all the fucking works.”

  • As a part of an adverb: “She talks too fucking much!”

  • As an adverb in adding the adjective: “She is fucking beautiful!”

  • As the objective of an adverb: “She is fucking beautifully!”

  • As a noun: “I don’t give a fuck!”

  • As a part of the word: “Absofuckinglutely!” or “Infuckingcredible!”

  • As almost every word in the sentence: “Fuck the fucking fuckers!”

As you may realize, there’re very few words with a first utility of fuck. As an example, describing situation such as:

  • Froud: “I got fucked in the used car locked”

  • Dishappy: “Oh, fuck it!”

  • Trouble: “I guess I’m really fucking out!”

  • Aggresion: “Don’t fuck with me, buddy..”

  • Difficulty: “I don’t understand this fucking question!”

  • Inquiry: “Who the fuck was that?”

  • Dissatisfaction: “I don’t like what the fuck is going on here”

  • Incompetence: “He’s a fuck off!”

  • Dismissile: “Why don’t you go outside and play hide and go fuck yourself??”

I’m sure you can think of many more examples, with all of this multi-purpose apllications, how can anyone be offended when you use this word? We say, use this unique flexible word more often in your daily speech, it will identify the quality of your character immediately.

So say it loudly and proudly: “F**K YOU!!”


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